Responding to All Violent Attacks on Our Communities with Solidarity

Content warning: Hate-fueled violence, white supremacy

Our nation and our state are facing a growing number of hate-fueled attacks on marginalized communities.

In addition to continued horrifying attacks on Asian elders and other community members, we are now seeing violent anti-Semitic attacks and a rise in Islamophobia. Many of our communities are being forced to live in fear of the threat of violence.

We at Planned Parenthood of Greater New York want to make this clear — no one should ever be attacked or intimidated because of who they are, including their race, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity. We will not tolerate hatred of any kind.

Anti-Semitism shares one of the same key drivers of all forms of hate-fueled violence toward marginalized communities — white supremacy. Under white supremacy, our shared experiences of dehumanization rob our communities of sanctuary and belonging, and white supremacy pits our communities against one another.

NYC Human Rights tweet

We cannot let that happen. We must fight any form of bigotry by rejecting ALL forms of bigotry, by working together to fight the oppressive attitudes and structures where racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and all forms of hate thrive, and by standing together in solidarity.